ooooh boy not getting much done here today. lol Just got done trying to read all the posts that have been made here about Majority was from quite some time ago and I couldn't find anything about Barnes and Noble under it. Please don't laugh at me cos I'm trying to learn all this stuff.....but oh boy is the majority of it going over my head.

Before coming here I ordered a book from Barnes and Noble. At checkout is where I saw the ad for Didn't click it cos I was afraid it would get me. Don't know if it's something that gets added to my computer or I have to join it or whatever but wasn't about to take any chances.

So....B&N is pretty big and think it's national (least it's big where I live) what the ad at checkout said seems to be the same that was posted regarding webloyalty here so I'm assuming it was the same thing..... Any reason why B&N wasn't mentioned with the posts here? Has anything changed or is this something different that is on their site? If not....I'm assuming this webloyalty is a parasite? sorry but don't know all the other terms yet. Cookie stuffer is one but don't understand how that works yet. Guess just asking is Barnes and Noble somebody I should be removing from my site....would it help any to contact their am? or is it something everybody's aware of and they're not about to change?