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    How long does it take?
    Newbie here, so please forgive the inexperience.

    I am aware of three orders placed through my links at the end of November. The first being placed on 11/24, shipped and received.

    My reports shows click-throughs on that link, but no sales. How long does it take?

    I emailed the CJ account rep, but got a not-so-polite reply asking me to be patient.

    All I really want is someone to explain the process to me.

    ~ K.C.

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    745 does it in batches, so it can be a few days behind. I think i've seen some be about a week lag before, so you may still see those come through.

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    as big guy said, it is done in batches and i think one of the rep was on here a few days ago. I saw the thread (or maybe i was confused) bout google checkout commission, etc

    1) you should see commission a few days after the product is shipped, shouldn't be weeks or months.
    2) could it be a non-commish item? some vendors exclude items from commission.
    3) did you or that person accidentally delete the cookie,etc?

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