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    Thanks Geno Prussakov
    I had to start a new thread about Geno's one liners about the things that affiliates hate about merchants programmes. It would not have been appropriate in his thread.

    I read it with great interest as I am here to learn exactly that. As a merchant I want to get this game right. We have built up a steady business for ourselves and now want to attract some really good affiliates in a genuine partnership. BUT we want to get it right.

    Found your thread really useful Geno and have already taken on board one point which I am going to take back and change on our website. Our asking for affiliates is a little loud. I will go and put in much more subtle links. Guess I am so keen to get some great affiliates on board.

    Anyway asking for affiliates on a website is I think a little futile. Out of the 90 that have signed up only two are active. Having said that I know we need to get more resources and training together.

    I am not sure if I can post the link to our site here. Probably not but an announcement of our programme is to be found in the Affiliate Announcement section of this forum.


    Keith Watson

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    Glad you've found it useful, Keith, and welcome to ABestWeb -- the keeper of affiliate wisdom.


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    Quote Originally Posted by KeithAWatson
    Anyway asking for affiliates on a website is I think a little futile.
    I have to disagree with that. If I find a merchant site I like I'll scroll down the bottom and look for an "affilaites" link, very subtle is fine as affiliates will be actively looking for it.

    I can see that you'll get very few active affiliates out of the sign-ups, but we're pretty much all like that I'm afraid . Eyes bigger than our hard-drive and certainly bigger than the time available.

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