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    is there a niche market for this?
    luggage/furniture delivery/services

    ie. someone is moving away to college and they do not want to ship their own stuff, so someone comes, packs it up and delivers it to their dorm room

    or vice versa

    can't say that i've ever come across an affiliate promoting this type of service :-o

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    Not really sure if there is an affiliate program out there for such services, but the market surely exists, and it has to be a pretty big market, too.
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    Regular moving companies do that, and most are regulated by Federal tarrifs and licensed. There are some independents, but that can at times be dangerous - some unscrupulous ones have been reported as having held people's stuff hostage.

    There are sites that gather information for people to get "quotes" like from 5 companies - I just signed up for one myself. But I haven't seen any with an affiliate program, though that would no doubt be paid by the lead in those cases.

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    It could be done, but it would be a gargantuan task. I think it would be a better / more effective niche if it focused on students already in dorms who are moving out for the summer break, or graduating. But it just doesn't tweak my hubs as an effective affiliate program. Then again I could be wrong (though that would be earth-shattering)

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    I know when I was in school (not too long ago ) a couple companies did huge business storing and moving student stuff in and out of dorms. No student wants to lug all their stuff home over the summer, so most store them at storage places or with these companies. They sold boxes, packing materials, etc... and they picked up the boxes on move out day with a truck. You'd tell them when and where you were moving in and they would drop off the boxes after the summer.

    I've heard that everything worked out fine for most people...I never used them though...too expensive.
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