Hi, folks.

I am curious to know how many people were affiliates of engineersupply.com. Their affiliate program used to be administered by shareasale.com; however, I believe they recently terminated their affiliate program.

I am choked up at the unprofessional behaviour of this company. Their affiliate link seemed to go offline for about a week each year. Then they recently terminated their affiliate program completely. What bugs me the most is that they never informed me of changes to the program. When I first signed up as an affiliate, the owner of engineersupply.com approved me, and replied to my initial questions, almost instantaneously. Yet when I contacted them a couple times to ask about the link going offline, they never replied. And the fact that they approved all affiliates, means they should have had a list of affiliates on hand, so they could have sent out an e-mail telling members they were going to stop running an affiliate program. I have been giving these guys free advertising for a while now and that burns me up.

Anybody else get burned by engineersupply?