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    Non-Latin Characters in Domains Could Break the Internet
    UN proposes that they are allowed. Paul Twomey warns it could harm the whole multi-story "building" of the Internet.


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    Interesting article Geno, thanks for bringing this up.

    For reference, speaking as ICANN's Chairman, here's Vint statement at the conference, .

    Specifically, this is going to happen, albeit not with the whole universe of possible characters.

    "To assure this stability and global interoperability, it is necessary to permit only a carefully chosen subset of all possible characters in UNICODE to be used in domain names. Work in this area will be discussed in other sessions during this Internet Governance Forum so I will simply underscore here that the work is technically challenging and will require extraordinary expertise."

    Speaking as an IETF participant, this is going to happen but not for awhile and after IPv6 is widely implemented.

    I do, respectively, disagree with Paul's analogy. The basement would be DNS and as Vint had said, the root servers are being tested right now. IMHO, a better analogy would be the addition of Braille to all signage within the building.

    If Paul's interview makes it to Vint's attention, it's likely that Vint will be giving Paul a call in regards to this.

    Thanks again for bringing this up.

    Happy Holidays,

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