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    Why won't these merchants update their catalog's
    This is one of the most annoying things with affiliate marketing and that is these damn merchants AM's who can't be bothered to update their datafeeds or implement an automated system so they get updated daily.

    I spend more time than anything trying to work out how to deal with my websites because of these merchants who have images that are all dead, products that are out of stock or don't even exist anymore and many more issues. Most of the merchants datafeeds haven't been updated since 6 months or more?

    Here is notes I just made on one of my websites database's just before after I tried to update the feeds....This is typical of most of the merchants - not updated since june 06, (dec 06) images dead, sent email Dec 05

    PDA Den not updated since june 06, sent email Dec 06

    The Shoppers World - Sent email 30.05.06 - Sent email to request datafeed access again 07.06.06 and lack of response - FTP Acess Granted june/06 - still not updated since feb. promised new update late June, still not updated Dec 06 - to do: drop & replace with another merchant
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    jacked by sylon

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    jacked by sylon
    Never Mind.

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    I was just thinking the same thing last week. I wrote a Merchant and they replied that they had just sent an updated feed....within 3 or so days it was up. I think it was the first update since May.

    I agree that outdated products and codes are annoying and costly for both the merchant and publisher.

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    This a excellent point for this thread, glinted.


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