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    Golden Can...worth it?
    Hi All,

    My company is looking into using Golden Can as an easier way for affiliates to get our data feeds. One of the the problems is that we have 3 affiliate programs and therefore 3 different data feeds, so it will be really expensive to use Golden Can. Have any small/medium size merchants used Golden Can...if so did you find that it's worth it? Any affiliates using Golden Can, do you find that it makes you more willing to promote a certain merchant vs getting their data feed through CJ or manually downloading a hosted file on the merchants site? I'm really curious if Golden Can is worth the cost compared to other ways I could be spending the money? Please let me know your thoughts.

    Thanks in advance,

    Craig Salveta
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    Good question. I'd like to know the same too

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    I'm an affiliate who uses GoldenCAN heavily. I thought it was relatively inexpensive for a merchant to go into it letting GC have the fourth click.

    If that is the case, why not do that with each program until you can see good ROI?

    Besides that, every datafeed product mix and category structure is different so the answers probably won't always be readily evident.

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    Pretty much a moot question if you read their forum or at least this post, because you'll see that it is obviously a major tool used and loved by affiliates.

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    It helps and we have gotten good response from some affiliates.
    Asif is a straight person, no B-S .. so yes, go for it.

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