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    I just noticed that I still had some CJ links to on my site, after I thought I'd purged all my CJ links.

    Checking my CJ stats, I see that I am credited for sending 1,983 clicks to eBooks this year-- all to purchase "SparkNotes" study guides. From that traffic, zero sales resulted.

    I decided to place a test order to see if they had screwed up their tracking -- but I was unable to place an order, because the web site generates an "error on page" and when I "add to cart" nothing happens, because the "add to cart" link simply reloads the current page. (I tried with both MSIE and Firefox.) I tried doing a number of different things at the site, and the site is definitely not working properly (the only thing that seemed to work was registration as a customer).

    Yes, I sent an email to Nik Webster @ ebooks, who is listed as the affiliate contact at CJ, and I also submitted a "contact form" request for help.

    Apparently I'm just unlucky, because here are the current stats for
    3 month EPC $2.59 USD
    7 day EPC $1.62 USD
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    Since I made this post, I have tested further and discovered that the problem appear to be limited to "phantom titles" at the eBooks site.

    I had created links to many SparkNotes titles (which were then offered for sale at When I checked yesterday, those links were redirected to pages at the eBooks site that look just like any other product pages (including the "add to cart" and "add to wish list" links).

    But the SparkNotes pages don't include a product price, nor the red "Buy Now" button that appears on other product pages -- of course, a new user to the eBooks site wouldn't realize that the regular "buy now" button was missing, and might assume that the price wouldn't appear until they'd added the item to the shopping cart.

    I assume that eBooks stopped selling the SparkNotes titles for some reason, but did not want to remove the product pages because they hoped visitors would still visit those "landing pages," which could be used to redirect customers to other "similar titles" instead.

    Unfortunately, because the "landing page" still looks like a product page, and still includes the "add to cart" link (which does not work), most visitors probably concluded, as I did, that the site was "broken", and they never saw or considered the "similar titles" list that appears below the "phantom product listing" for each SparkNotes title.

    Perhaps will use this discovery as an opportunity to change its "phantom product" pages into more effective "landing pages" to sell other books.

    That seems doubtful, however, since the "search" function at the eBooks site is quite obviously awful; when a multi-word search phrase is entered, the results appear to be nothing more than a merger of individual searches for each keyword, not a "phrase match" or "multiple-keyword match" search. As a result, if one of my visitors tried to search for a study guide they get useless results that would drive away any customer -- for example: "To Kill a Mockingbird Study Guide" or even "Mockingbird Study Guide"
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