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    Reorganization in Yahoo

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    Thanks for the pass along Geno. Interesting read for sure. I found the excerpt below interesting:

    In the missive known as "The Peanut Butter Manifesto" (subscription required), senior vice president Brad Garlinghouse said Yahoo was "spreading its resources too thin, like peanut butter on a slice of bread". He complained that Yahoo lacks a "focused, coherent vision", "clarity of ownership and accountability" and "decisiveness", and recommended a dramatic organisational shake-up and workforce cuts of up to 20 percent.

    Having used Y five years ago, I have certainly seen a steady decline in the quality of their engine and the search traffic it produces. I think their new user platform for advertisers is an improvement, but instead of pumping a more simplified user panel, I'd like to see them improve their search partner network. Nice user features are horns and whistles. What matters most to those of us who utilize Y ppc is the ROI. IMO until Y improves the quality of traffic from their networks, they will not gain long term market share.

    Ironically, though I am not a guru by any stretch of the imagination, I am an old experienced business person, and I have honestly seen this coming for the past five years. IMO, in recent times Y has become little more than a very large 2nd tier engine. Until they realize that the bottom line is actual quality traffic I think they are in for some difficult times. Who knows, if they keep it up, they could one day be a G subsidiary.
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