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    Which Affiliate Software/Network can handle multiple sites

    We are looking at a couple of networks. ie commissionjunction, etc. to go with. But our problem is next year we are going to have multiple ecommerce sites. I would like a software or network that can handle this under one account. Can anyone refer us to an affiliate software or network that can do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Do the multiple ecommerce sites use the same cart?

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    Do the multiple ecommerce sites use the same cart?
    In that case, you'll just need one affiliate program. If you have multiple sites, with multiple carts, I have seen some merchants on CJ that use just one account with links to two or more sites. Irv's , and Deckers shoes had such programs I believe. CJ might just be the network of choice for you in that case.

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    neato1, We have great merchant parent functionality (where one company can manage multiple programs under one parent account). We can also track cross site traffic. Several of our merchants are using it.

    Drop me a line if you would like some more info.. Gary M

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    I'm not sure how they charge for it, but I know that ShareASale has "multiple merchant" clients (for example, and are separately-branded sites run by the same company -- and the merchants are "linked" at ShareASale so that if someone clicks on an affiliate link to one site but buys something from the other site, the affiliate still earns credit). and are set up the same way -- in fact, it was here on ABW that jrami told me about this capability so I could ask to enable it when they added (

    Don't take this as an endorsement of -- my results from that program were lousy, and generated lots of "free download" customers but no commissionable sales. And in another thread here, another affiliate complains of additional "leakage":

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    Some scripts can handle multiple sites too. Not sure if you want a script or network though, depends on your volumes and how much you want to outsource. Both AvantLink and ShareASale could be options re networks.

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