I may have just averted a huge crisis for my business, because I noticed that one of my vendors had stopped billing me.

I've used UltraDNS to provide DNS services for my personal web sites for several years, at a cost of $15.30 per month, which was automatically drawn from my credit card.

While doing my "end-of-year" tax planning, I noticed that UltraDNS had last charged me on August 15. I don't recall receiving any correspondence about this.

When I went to UltraDNS.com, I was redirected to NeuStar.biz, and that jogged my memory -- I had received invoices from NeuStar for several months, which I discarded because they appeared to be "scam invoices" like those I routinely receive for "directory listings" and "domain renewals" from companies I don't know (these are sent to the WHOIS address database, probably US only). I was able to retrieve the latest invoice from the recycling bin.

NeuStar's envelope, cover page, and invoice did not mention UltraDNS at all. Instead, there was an attached letter (page 3 of the packet) which mentioned in the body that NeuStar had acquired UltraDNS Corp.

I'm trying to reach someone at NeuStar to set up an automatic charge or debit, leading to another annoyance: I would have called yesterday afternoon, but noticed that the company is in Georgia (Eastern Time Zone), so I decided to wait until this morning. When I called, I was told that the billing department is only available from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time -- something they could easily have mentioned in their letter when inviting me to call.

If anyone else here uses UltraDNS and was unaware of this merger, do your homework and either make payment arrangements or switch DNS service providers. My correspondence didn't include any "threats" but I assume at some point that they will disable DNS services for non-paying customers.