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    This years best network poll suggestions
    Just a thought - I've been looking at last years best network polls and wonder if this year we could have some sub-categories as well as an overall winner?

    The reason being that I would consider shareasale the 'best network' for me because they offer loads of merchants that I like and I'm quite happy with their set-up. Yet, on customer service and tracking, my favorite is fast becoming the affiliatefuture network, so on that level they are the best network for me. Would it be useful to put a few sub-catagories in?

    What sort of sub-catagories could be useful to rate networks better than just the overall best?

    - Most trustworthy
    - Best customer service
    - Best merchant list
    - Best tracking
    - Best software

    Any others?

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    SAS, hands down. In a year filled with LMI and the other usual network debacles, this can't be anything other than SAS.

    BUT.....there was that time when Brian posted that payments would be late,, payments went out as scheduled after all.

    BUT...there was the time that a SAS, they fixed that too within an hour.

    Hmmmmmmmm, no parasites, listens to affiliates, fixes things when they are broken, pays on program managers who can actually be other choice but SAS. That was easy!

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    The "Best Of" awards are all encompassing. So while I appreciate the suggestion I think having multiple best network / subcategories would actually lessen the actual award. Does that make sense?
    Continued Success,

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    Two Thumbs Up For
    Since in this business it is always a good idea to stay on top of the cutting edge tools... and AvantLink does JUST THAT....

    BUT...... Payments Were Never Late.... Never Ever....Never even thought about it...

    BUT......Oh there has NEVER been ANYTHING broken

    AND......The Cutting Edge Tools - Designed with affiliates in mind!

    RSS Product Feeds!!!
    RSS Coupon Syndication
    Dynamic Coupon Tools!
    Product Display Builder - Product Showcase....
    Deal Of The DAY - Dynamic Tool....

    All that and PARASITE FREE...

    SAS Doesn't Even Come Close.......

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    Avantlink is looking nice. I finally joined a couple of months ago after this pet merchant I was looking for was on the network and having been getting other merchants up. I think Mike & Charlie should look at:

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