Is there any way to know if a specific merchant on SAS extends all (or some) of their sales each month, for 30 days? So far I haven't run into this but I have been with SAS only briefly. For those that do extend their sales, when do they do this each month? On CJ for example, all merchants have to extend everything by the 10th of each month (which is also the lock date on CJ). Most do it within the first few days of each month, though.

All I'm seeing for some of my new SAS merchants is "Processing" for all of the sales in November. I'd like to know when I'll know if these are locked (so I'll know they will be paid *this* month) or if they are extended. Also will the status change to something other than "Processing" if the merchant extends them? I didn't find any of this info in the help section.

I'd also like to comment that merchants who routinely extend sales by 30 days, thereby making their affiliates wait quite a long time between seeing a commission appear on SAS and actually knowing if/when they'll be paid, ought to be upfront with affiliates that this is their practice. On CJ some merchants state this in their merchant details, but many do not. On SAS I have joined several merchants' programs but haven't seen a single one that says they will extend sales. Maybe none of them do.

To the SAS admins: it would be a great piece of information to include in SAS merchant descriptions, that all merchants must check off an answer to when they set up their programs:

"Will your program extend all sales each month by 30 days? [Yes/No]"

On second thought, maybe you shouldn't even ask and tempt them. Extended sales are the bane of my existence as an affiliate. Well, that and reversed sales. And leaks. And parasites, BHOs and... many other things.