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    April 11th, 2006
    Q4 is Kilin' Me
    I am freakin' exhausted and ready for the holiday season to be over. All I do now is work, eat and sleep. In July, I went from doing my little tiny section of affiliate marketing to managing all online marketing programs for the store. The best part was that the online marketing team went from a staff of 3 (where I was just a little peon) to a staff of 1 (me).

    My brain hurts.

    I could use a foot massage right now.

    My apologies for being whiny, I just needed to vent. It's my first real job and I've been thrown into the fire.

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    Oh no ... did you even know what affiliate marketing was before July, if this is your first job? You must have been doing a really good job, if they let the other 2 go.

    Good luck. Lily

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    WHAT? You get to sleep?? No fair!

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    It's my first real job and I've been thrown into the fire.
    Congratulations! You now know one of the reasons that "real j*bs" suck.

    So, when are you ditching that and opening up your aff site, so your holiday-season money comes in while you're watching a Duraflame or making cookies? (Or at least, it comes in that way unless you make the drastic mistake of setting up your site so it needs a lot of w*rk )

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    look at it this way, at least you are still employed.
    I understand how you feel..I feel that I have 1,001 things to do but I am happy If you are not happy, I suggest on weekends and nights.

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    The two vital things to understand about affiliate marketing during the holiday season are that, 1) you cannot accomplish all the tasks you set out to accomplish because 2) if you were to accomplish them it should be apparent that you hadn't set your goals high enough.

    Got that?

    Welcome to our world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flamingoworld
    WHAT? You get to sleep?? No fair!

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    "Do it"
    - Starsky.

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