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    Question Would you promote "sales letter" websites?
    I've been approached to manage some "sales letter" type of websites and I'm curious about how they are thought of in the community. Generally speaking (if all the basic stuff in place like decent earnings, conversions, etc) would you consider promoting that type of site?

    Thanks in advance for your comments and guidance.


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    I automatically close them out when I see them but I'm biased, I hate Clickbank looking sites. Most are pretty much garbage.

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    I agree with Trust that most CB sites/products are garbage, BUT there are pearls amongst pig droppings.

    I do very well with a few ebooks that complement some of my niche content. I picked these ebooks after reviewing about three dozen of similar ones, and I can honestly recommend them to my visitors. Return rate on these ebooks is low, which also indicates that they are accepted by my visitors. I demand a free copy of the ebook(s) for my own review. If it turns out to be useless I tell the seller why I will not promote it, otherwise I do.

    In short, if the quality of the product is good and not your typical one-page-site 'loose 50 pounds overnight' or 'make $17,345.78 on the internet while you sleep' kinda stuff than yeah, I may promote it.

    Cheers, Frank
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrustNo1
    I automatically close them out when I see them but I'm biased, I hate Clickbank looking sites. Most are pretty much garbage.
    Same here. I can't stand spinny or flashy sales sites. When I feel pressure to make a purchase I turn the other way. It's just not the type of consumer I am, and I only cater to consumers who think like me.

    - Scott
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    Hell no!

    (BTW, nice hat!)

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