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    Go … Go … Google IPO
    Thursday, August 01, 2002 03:54 PM ET
    by Patty Enrado

    Google’s latest deal could rekindle speculation that the company is preparing to go public.

    Brutal market conditions may have acted to counter the long-standing rumor that Google is making preparations for an IPO, but its latest advertising deal, worth approximately $1.55 million with Lloyds TSB Insurance, could revive speculation.
    Marc Ryan, director of analysis with Nielsen/NetRatings, said it’s difficult to guess when Google will go public. "Obviously, only Google knows for sure," he said.

    In a year in which few high-tech companies—let alone Internet-based companies—are going public, it would seem foolhardy to test the waters. But if the public markets are demanding that companies have strong market positions and revenues as prerequisites to filing IPOs—criteria that did not apply during the Internet boom days—then it stands to reason that Google would be a prime candidate.

    "Google is hitting strong milestones," Ryan pointed out, citing its recent $100 million deal to provide listings to Ask Jeeves and the inclusion of its search feature in the upcoming AOL 8.0 software.

    Ryan says that Google’s search technology and business model of customer-driven, context-based advertising have made it one of the top two leaders in the search-engine market. Should Google foray into the public markets, Ryan thinks its successes could earmark it as a golden opportunity for investors.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>have made it one of the top two leaders in the search-engine market. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Who is the other top leader in the search-engine market; MSN?

    It seems to me their going public is not a good thing to look forward to as an affilaite marketer. Yahoo ring a bell? Will google charge to be included?

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    I can't help wondering how all of this will effect us. I don't think going public necessarily has to be bad, but when the status quo is good, change is often unwelcome. The biggest concern in my opinion is pay per clicks. If google is at some point under pressure to show quick profits, there's no better way to do that then with pay per clicks. Now engine after engine that have gone that direction have soon gone down as their results have suffered. However, I have more confidence in a private company to make a long term strategic decision rather than taking short term profits, but I have less confidence in public ones. I guess we'll soon see. Dave

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    Lloyds TSB Insurance??? Well I look forward to my premiums going up.

    There's another article in the Hindustan Times.. strangely nothing in the UK covering the deal. It's basically a million-pound AdWords deal, so it's a bit of a relief to see that they're not going to be changing their business model much.

    As for an IPO.. it's a really, really bad time to do an IPO. Anybody who's trying to go public in this kind of market is probably insane.

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