According to Deloitte & Touche LLP, this year "Britons are expected to be at their most generous for 12 years this Christmas" which will be around "378 - a 22 per cent gift-spending increase on 2005" [full story]. According to's today's rates, 378 is around $738.

A similar Deloitte research for Russia predicts that an average Russian, residing in Moscow or the Moscow province, will spend 540 Euro or $712+ on Christmas preparations (gifts - 339 Euro, food - 123 Euro, entertainment - 79 Euro). That is mind-boggling! Deloitte research shows that this basically translates into Russians spending the largest part of their yearly income comparing to any other European nation. 13% of the year's income is spent on Christmas in the country of Pushkin, the Bolshoy Theater and the first man in space...

I wonder what the stats are for the U.S. of A.