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    Canadian Affiliate List
    Hi everyone

    I have a list of 8000 unique email addresses of Canadian Affiliates. Let me know if that interests you, this list has not been sold yet and I should also say that this list is gold for anyone that wants to get more Canadian Affiliates. THis would be perfect for affiliate managers that need to recruit.

    notify me if you are interested in such thing.


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    I'm leaving this up so the site owner who she stole this database from can take appropriate action.
    Continued Success,

    The secret of success is constancy of purpose ~ Disraeli

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    I really do not believe their are 8000 Canadian Affiliates out their anyway so I am guessing anyone who would pay for this list would be wasting their $$$$

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    There are actually a ton of Canadian affiliates these days and the numbers are growing by the day.

    Having said that, it is not recommended that any AM "buy" (or rent or otherwise use) a list of prospective affiliate addresses for recruiting considering that relevancy is so key in this industry... anyone who is considering buying a random list of 8000 unknown affiliate emails would be wise to invest in some expert Affiliate Management Consulting (hint hint) or take a course, read a book, go to an ARC seminar series... something!

    The key to success as is not to acquire as many random affiliates as possible but to acquire as many RELEVANT affiliates as possible (relevant to the merchant's product/service category that is) and to work toward optimizing those relationships one by one.

    Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that Affiliate marketing or Affiliate Management is a "get rich quick" scheme - it is SO not. The opportunities are great but as with all legitimate business models, hard work is a necessary evil... there are no shortcuts to success.

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