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    Starting to get really pissed off at Christine Hall. About 6 months ago I got about 10 messages in one month. And replyed to her message asking her to remove me from there list and stop emailing me otherwise I"ll sue her for unsolicted spam. Now After 6 months of not emailing me, I got another email telling me is not in some search engines (Which is a lie) We are in all the major search engines. and to jon Traffic Magnet. HEll Wish I could do something about this. Perhaps I should filter her email out. Has anyone got email from this Christine hall this month?


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    You're lucky you didn't get any spam after contacting them. When I told them to remove me from their list, I was inundated with spam for weeks afterwards.

    Traffic Magnet is a bottom feeder, as low as you can get on the Internet.

    Just block them on your server E-mail program. I did and that has taken care of their annoying spam.


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    I didn't suggest this but...

    I have heard it can be fun to submit spammer's URL's and email addresses to the FFA NET.


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