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    Targeting Local Traffic
    I posted this in Webmasterworld a few days ago but since no one replied I'm hoping somone can shed some light here:

    By targetting my affiliate sites to local merchants and local traffic specific to my country I'm thinking I will not get as many visitors as the US sites get so less traffic most likely means less sales.

    However I did think of this, there is more affiliate competition in the US I would have to compete with in so the ratio of traffic to conversions would be the same as my own country anyway.

    Unless I found a really good nice, but that's the thing, I don't think there would be that many niches left in the US?

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    I'm sure there are some niches still less developed, and certainly quite a few that are almost undiscovered. But we're talking very narrow visitor interest here.

    still, I think a lot of us are experimenting in this direction.

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