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    How do I do a url re-direct?

    I want to just re-direct an link right onto an affiliates page so I dont have to spend anytime making a page to send someone through.

    What is the best way to accomplish this and is adwords or cj going to have any issues with doing this?

    Thanks for the help.


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    Umm, if you are doing this through Adwords, I would have to say your merchant wouldn't be too happy, unless of course he does no PPC himself. I would check with them first. Read their program policy.

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    You can do stuff like direct to merchant PPC, because the link somebody clicks is the destination, if the merchant you partner with allows it.

    If you're talking about someone getting to your page and then they're automatically redirected without them clicking, it's against CJ's rules.

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    AdWords has started to show issues with affiliates who use the CJ provided URL as the destination page, but use another domain name that's shown on the page. You can get around this by putting up a page on your site that shows real content to Google IP blocks (cloaking basically), and redirects for others, but this task is mostly being accomplished manually with a remote workforce from India, and random areas in the US and Canada according to my logs. Your best bet would be to make a landing page yourself.

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