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    Datafeed Clarification for a Newbie

    Getting ready to do my first datafeed site. I want to fully understand what i am about to embark is this how it goes

    1. Retrieve datafeed from a merchant (i am using ftp).
    2. Clean up datafeed (to get ready for upload and what products i want)
    3. Upload to my website
    4. program website to retrieve datafeed using php or mysql

    Any input would be great, i have just gotten my hands on php & mysql for dummies maybe this will help me in the quest to add some products to my site.

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    5. Come back to ABW and complain that datafeed sites just don't seem to work.

    and then the optional second phase:

    6. Come up with a good idea of a way to truly add value and make a site that people actually want to use.
    7. Work hard on building and promoting it.
    8. Continually add new features and options to make it even more useful.
    9. Try to find some way to spend all the money that you make.

    Just putting a web site up that mirrors the merchant datafeed hasn't worked very well for several years.

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    good points michael.

    look at link building also cos it helps.

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    this is an existing site that i've had for almost a year. I get about 15,000 unique visitors a month. I have been manually adding products by hand and am totally exhausted by it. I just so happen to run across another forum and and someone suggested that i do datafeeds. I just want to understand the concept of this. I think my site will increase its revenue if i add the feeds and add more pages keeping the same theme that i have. I just don't fully understand what i need to do to get started.

    I have good quality links and content with alot of pageviews and unique visitors. I know that if I had more pages and products this site will truly take off.

    thanks for your input.

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