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    Feds charge 21 for alleged $5 million fraud scheme targeting eBay bidders
    So they'd find people who had bid and lost and offer them a fake second chance at getting the item, collect the money via Western Union and ship nothing (cuz they had no goods and weren't really the seller after all).


    Federal officials in Chicago have indicted 21 people accused of bilking eBay bidders out of more than $5 million in an Internet fraud scheme that originated in Romania. The defendants have been charged with wire fraud.

    Operators of the scheme allegedly contacted people who had unsuccessfully bid on items for sale on eBay, offering them a second chance to buy the items, according to the indictment announced earlier this week. The fraudulent online solicitations often shared identical features, such as bogus eBay logos and other graphics, and false assurances that buyers would be protected by insurance and escrow funds.

    The victims were instructed over the Internet to send money via Western Union to the seller or seller’s agent, generally located in the Chicago area. However, the victims did not receive the goods for which they paid, federal officials say.

    “This case is an example of using new technology to commit an old-fashioned fraud scheme,” says Patrick J. Fitzgerald, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, Chicago.

    More than 2,000 people from across the U.S. and abroad were victimized in the scheme, according to the indictment.

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    Once again Donuts, your sig file is proved valid.
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    I had heard about this before but it just goes to show, you can never be too careful.

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    Interesting read D. I had something like that happen to me two years ago. Bid on a generator, lost and then received a "second chance" with instructions similar to what you mention. I didn't bite - thankfully.
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    That's not to say it CAN'T be legit, just means you have to watch out. I did get a second chance email for a Playboy nosering (long before I had heard of this scam) but it was all good and I took it. No problems encountered. I say again, be very careful.

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    It's pretty easy to catch this stuff by looking at the links, that is the *actual* links and not just the anchor text that looks legit. And of course, you can always check the IP address from the message headers, which is a total giveaway.

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    Nice, the Feds got something right for a change.
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    What's the difference between SecondChance and SecondBite???
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