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    Flash Good?
    Is a Flash page a good thing to put on a home page?
    (as opposed to making it an option or not at all)
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    Generally no, but it would depend on your audience and what you were trying to accomplish. Most people find flash pages annoying. Flash ads or flash tools are fine (if they serve a purpose), but most people using flash are just doing it to be different.

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    Flash is pretty hard to optimize. Might work as a landing page, but wouldn't suggest using it as a homepage.

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    I generally skip Flash homepages, but normally very much enjoy Flash banners...


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    Flash is good if it can be seamlessly integrated into a html/css page design. otherwise, it is virtually impossible to achieve good search-engine rankings with it.

    It's a little like having the 'greatest product in the shop' but it being placed in a dark, dusty corner at the back...

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    February 17th, 2007
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    Thumbs down a flash site? - get rid of it
    i had my site in flash (one of those "Wow!" funky sites with a lot of fancy design features )...but it was useless for my business.

    My audience is rather "conservative" to begin with (poker players) and its a heck to get a good placement on the search engines. It sure looks beautiful, but its a nightmare for indexing - search engines like simple things.
    In other words, unless you have a regular games site, flash is not a very smart option - you never get anywhere unless you spend a fortune on advertise. I am a flash lover, and i made my own thing without looking all the cons and my audience first - a huge mistake that cost me about 5 months of revenues and a lot of advertising. not a good story

    I have turned into the good old html and decided xhtml was the best option. Its not as fancy, but its very functional and i can optimize it when i have a little time off.

    If you want to spice up your site, consider a "loader" (not really needed if you are using html, but it looks sofisticated), a site intro, or some cool banners.

    A site in flash is such a headache - in principle, i would advice you get rid of it NOW (but since i have no idea what is your audience profile and your business) i advice you too look into it more carefully.

    now, i really need to go to bed

    All the best
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    January 17th, 2007
    Flash is tough. It has is pros and cons. On the pro side you can actually make something look however you want it to look without HTML standards getting in the way. Its great for things like forms because its so much easier to create a flash form then an html form (especially if you need the form to fit into small areas)

    The cons are obvious. Not everyone has a flash plugin and some people despise flash for one reason or another.

    We use flash for landing pages but not for our regular site.

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    January 24th, 2007
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    In traditional business web sites, I like to compare Flash to icing. It can be really nice when used in right, but obnoxious when overdone. My preference is to use certain Flash elements to highlight parts of my page that don't need to be indexed by the search engines (on a side note: it drives me crazy that Flash content can't be indexed...).

    The meat of the page should very rarely be implemented in Flash (I would say never except in the case of sites that rely heavily on audio / visuals such as e-based learning sites). As far as Flash intro's go, as a web browser I hate them. And I hate it even more when there's no "Skip Intro" button and I have to sit through the whole thing. I usually head for my back button.
    Chris Sturgill
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    Get rid of those flash splash pages now!!! They just waste time.

    But, flash integrated for navigation, buttons, tours, etc... works well!
    Jason Rosenbaum
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    January 17th, 2007
    i agree flash intros are extremely annoying

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    There is so much wisdom on the web about the overuse of Flash and yet it is everywhere. I use the Flashblock 1.5.2 extension in Firefox and enable the image on an individual basis if I feel the need to see it.

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    Definitely don't use flash as a site intro. That technique became outdated as soon as it became popular. What I suggest is using AJAX to handle searching or interactive features. You've got to be careful not to interfere with your indexing, but it's okay to use it with things that cannot be indexed like a site search.

    - Scott
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    the term "all flash and no substance" comes to mind...

    wonder if that's where they got its name...


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    Just say no. It's as annoying as sites that play music, load pop-ups or pop-unders, or talk to you and say stupid things.

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