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    Make a wish.....
    A bus full of commuters is traveling up a mountain road and it is white out conditions. The bus slides off the road, plummets over the mountain side and everyone on the bus is killed.

    The all arrive at Heaven's gate and to their surprise, God says:"in exchange for the great misery you and your families have suffered, I am going to grant each of you one wish - so please line up.

    They immediately stand one next to the other and God comes to the first person and says: "what is your wish?" Without hesitation she says:"I want to be gorgeous." God snaps his finger and sure enough, she instantly transforms into a gorgeous woman.

    He proceeds to the second person and again asks "what is your wish?" This person also says "I want to be gorgeous too" and "snap - instant gorgeous!
    This continues down the line with everyone saying that their wish is to be handsome or gorgeous. But about 3/4 of the way down the line God notices that the last person in line is chuckling...

    He asks the next person and when he says he wants to be handsome, God notices the guy is now laughing our loud. He continues down the line and finally reaches the last person, who again says "I want to be gorgeous!" Now the guy at the end is rolling on the floor laughing uncontrolably...

    God stands over him, the man rises and God says: "OK, what is so funny?" The guy - still laughing looks at God and Says: "Make them all ugly again!"

    (he who is last shall have the last laugh?)

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    Oooooooooooooooooo nasty man! Good one Alan!

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