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    January 18th, 2005
    Anyone else having fun in the north west?
    We just got power back, and cable... but a block down those people are being told they won't get power for 1-2 days (we live on the eastside). What a crazy storm, the streets still look like someone just had an xmas tree sale and there are pine boughs littered everywhere.

    With news of having heat, our house is filling up with friends for tonight.

    Anyone else in the seattle area back yet? I know there are a few people from the area on here.


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    January 18th, 2005
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    Well, it's gonna start raining in the Los Angeles area any minute. Just our little corner of your storm. Thanks for sharing.
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    January 18th, 2005
    I've been contemplating calling a couple of Seattle area people chet, didn't know you were there too... glad you are ok
    Deborah Carney

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    Yes, I read about the water, wind and electrical damage out there. Sounds like it really knocked Seattle for a loop. Happily more people were not injured or lost.

    Our forecasters are calling for that front to pass through Colorado tonight and tomorrow, bringing some pretty substantial snow accumulation in some mountain areas. We had a wind storm up here in the mountains Tuesday night - with winds of up to 135 MPH blasting through the pines.

    It knocked power out to a 60 + mile stretch of Highway 285 from Morrison, CO to Fairplay Colorado. Unbelievebly our power was back up in less than four hours.

    I saw the flooding in your area on the news last night. Frankly until then I had thought the media out here had sensationalized the situation out there - but wow - you got a major dose of nature. Happy to hear that you are back up and safe.

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    January 18th, 2005
    I just came down off the roof from patching some holes. We didn't lose power (which is truly bizarre, because we do every other time the wind has blown in the last 3 years), but we did lose the tabs off a number of shingles and got a thumb sized hole through our right front tire from a piece of debri in the road on Friday night. My Mother (here in Oregon) lost power for a day or two, my Brother (in Seattle) only lost cable (missed Survivor) and I haven't heard from my Father who lives out in the middle of the woods. He's in Southern Oregon though, so should've missed the brunt of the storm. *fingers crossed*

    Best wishes to all those still in the dark and/or cleaning up after the storm.

    Happy holidays
    Eathan Mertz

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    November 10th, 2006
    I'm in Ottawa and it's warm(ish), sunny with a bit of rain, really nice! We have the weather Vancouver typically has but this year they are still being dug out of a storm from Friday, they've had several major snowstorms, windstorms, wicked weather. Very strange stuff!

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