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    Lightbulb Easy way to extort cash using the Internet!
    WOW! I just found this cool site...
    It makes it easy to extort cash from unsuspecting people using the convenience of the Internet.

    Instead of uploading those embarrassing photos or videos you took to YouTube (or and get NOTHING in return, upload them to Extortr. Then using their anonomous email system, send an ransom note. Poof! Easy cash. If they don't pay up... the pics go public - AUTOMATICALLY! How easy is THAT!?

    This so easy to do, especially for Internet savvy folks like us!!

    Think of how much money we can make!! Those holiday office parties are just around the corner!!

    Can't wait to get to Vegas! I'm gonna be RICH!


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    Something like that is part of what was going to be build into affiliatesgonewild, lol. But with the cash going to charity... pay to keep your mug OFF AGW
    Deborah Carney

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