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    Thumbs down Tracking down a CJ spammer???
    Help, I have been getting spam on my personal emails from a CJ spammer. Did not join his list, don't know him/her and no remove link in email. Added to SPAM list but it is coming for various diff addresses.

    Any help in taking this spammer out would be appreciated.

    I have a feeling that he/she might own 24htravel DOT net cos I do not see tracking links in there. 5d66zy5u14JMMMTTKLJLKMRTRMQ

    Season's Greetings -

    Start saving this winter
    Click here! [url]http://www.************/5d66zy5u14J_REMOVE SPACE_MMMTTKLJLKMRTRMQ
    uSwitch DOT com

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    * Mobile phones
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    * Market news
    * Directory

    24htravel DOT net
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    Why not just report this to CJ directly?
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    To my knowledge, CJ doesn't take kindly to publishers spamming, ESPECIALLY when they use a CJ domain in an email. Submit a request into CJ, or give them a call, and someone should be able to look into the issue in a timely manner.

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    We had a problem with someone a while back using one of my email addresses to send spam to the world on our behalf and then some. We quickly traked him down and cj took care of the rest for us and he hasn;t spammed from us since. I do not know what they did or if it was something our tech department did, but CJ can be very helpful in those situations. Call them at 800-761-1072 if you wish to report them and open a ticket with customer service.

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    I got that spam as well. Veerd.

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