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    January 18th, 2005
    goofy question about some links being red
    ok, don't you all go thinking I'm seeing things or umm going prematurely senile or anything...but ummm by any chance have any of you posted links to any merchants and had those links showing as sorta looking like a blotch of links that are highlighted in red?? I have not been drinking or anything. had this problem once before with uhh I think the same merchant. Couldn't figure out for the life of me what was going on so I just removed them and now it has happened again.

    It's just copying and pasting the links included in emails sent to me so it's not like I made a mistake in making the link or anything. Weird thing is it shows fine on aol and ie browsers, but mozilla it's red. The rest of the text is just fine and other links are's just these that came from the email and only showing this way on mozilla browser. honest...they really are. So guessing it has something to do with mozilla maybe ....but why just that one merchant and just some of the links???

    Could also I guess maybe have something to do with updates that have been done...Everytime there's an update....away goes the volume on aol. some driver gets mysteriously gobbled up by the update and I have to reinstall it. Not like it's the end of the world or anything....but me being the me that I am ....just that my curiosity is getting to me.

    Sure hope this is just not happening to me. umm then maybe you will think I'm a bit goofy or something or maybe I've just made some sort of big boo boo but can't figure out what it is.

    uhhhhh and guys have helped me figure out the smiley guys... look out.

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    It's just copying and pasting the links included in emails sent to me so it's not like I made a mistake in making the link or anything.
    If and when, I copy anything from an email from anyone, I will almost never paste it directly to the html page, I paste it to notepad first and then copy it from the notepad to the html.

    That way I know that I will not inherit someone else fonts, or other surprises later.

    Btw purplebear, do Burger Boy knows that you are planning to play with his smilies collection?

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    jacked by sylon
    Leave my smilies alone.

    I only going to warn you about it once.

    After that you're in big trouble!!!!!

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    why just that one merchant and just some of the links???
    Did you visit the targets of the affected links in Mozilla before posting them--but not the unaffected ones?
    If so, it may just be that you have mozilla set to show recently-visited links in red (or it came set that way).

    IE normally shows the visited ones somewhat differently, too, but not so obvious as to turn them red. *checks* It's a dark purplish color for IE. But if you check out a page in Mozilla but not IE, the IE links will show normally and only mozilla will be affected.

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    Leader - Haven't had my second cup of tea not quite sure I'm understanding you completely. Will take a go at it, though. The page and all of the links were fine. I removed all of the expired offer links and replaced them with the new links for the current offers for the upcoming week. Pretty sure when previewed in FP they looked fine. When I checked the updated page online...that area was like someone just highlighted the entire area and it was red instead of blue. There was a link for one of the gaming products that was highlighted. Next line wasn't a link - was plain text of mine saying these were the coupons, free shipping.....blah, blah, blah. and was fine. Following line started with the offers and those links were red again. So in answer to your question.....I didn't visit any links before noticing they were red.

    Have had several updates recently but do believe there was a mozilla update before this happened. Nope....I haven't changed any settings for the mozilla browser. There has I'm pretty sure been a windows update though and these links were posted afterwards. Not sure of the reason but everytime there's a windows update ...... this will sound goofy, too. Some sort of driver for the volume disappears. Two times ago Dell fixed it, last time I was able to fix it from a file Dell had given me and following their instructions. This time now....the fix they gave me has not worked so no volume again. Trying to wait and see if I can tolerate it for a week or so cos at that time....hubby's gonna get this computer and I'll be getting the new one we just bought. (The one that has saved me from him killing me....just kidding....cos I'm always on the computer and sitting at what he thinks was his desk....we got another computer so we both have one and our own desks) Figure....don't want to make the transfer til Christmas sales possibilities are over in case there are any boo boos made with the transfer of computers. he's gonna network them, too which who knows what possibilities there might be for things getting messed up.'re saying that this would only be a problem that I'm having with seeing the red links. Correct??? If that's the case....that's fine. I just don't want visitors to see them.

    Thank you very much Leader for the explanation

    *Mr. Sal and Burger Boy -
    You're all gonna think I do things goofy. Hubby gave me FP as a I'm using it although I had taught myself html ....I don't want to forget how to do html so I just put my html code into the code option using FP. Don't use notepad anymore or design option much...just the code option. The fonts aren't changed that way...least don't think they are. Ummm as to Burger Boy....have to plead dumminess. what am I doing with the smileys?? and I better not be making him mad....cos he's gonna help me learn php so don't wanna get in trouble. with him....He's already been very nice helping me with the search for my site. ooh boy....these smileys are big trouble for me. lol takes me long enough to do my posts....let alone having to go find the little guys.

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