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    Subject: Delay in Payment

    Dear Publisher,

    By now I am sure you know that we reversed all of our transactions for last month (August 2002).

    We originally sent a file through to CJ that inadvertently contained some errors – we then sent through a reversal file and a new corrected transactions file. Unfortunately we missed the cut-off point for the results to be incorporated into CJ’s current payment run.

    We are extremely sorry that you will not be receiving you commissions this month and would like to assure you that we had no intention to avoid payment. To avoid such a situation from developing again we shall be implementing a new system to ensure that the correct transaction files are sent to CJ on a more regular basis.

    Please except our sincerest apologies for this mistake and allow me to personally assure you that this will not happen again.

    Kind Regards

    Henry Amankwah
    Managing Director

    Just fyi

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    Ummm bearing in mind some of the commission levels were talking about here, this isn't a trivial matter, is it? - geeky stuff for umm geeks.

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    No, it is not. That's one of the reasons I posted here. - Turns your search box into money.

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