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    Question Hey! What (ad collateral) do you want from me?
    As an AM, I'm here to serve you. If you could wave a magic wand and receive any kind of advertising collateral you wanted, what would you want from a merchant?

    Options that come to mind...what do you think about these:

    • Banners, of course, and (for some of you) coupons
    What about...

    • Text Links (to what?)
    • Stories
    • Testimonials (short, long, other)
    • Video
    • Articles about the product (how long?)
    • Audio clips describing the product or service
    • Availability of a Merchant Principle for an interview
    • Something long to email
    • Something short to email
    What else?

    Thanks for helping me help you!

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    "Ad Collateral" what the heck...

    Oh, you mean "CREATIVES!" Or just plain "ads!"
    The first thing I want is less new buzzspeak "Creatives" is bad enough as it is..."collateral" sounds like something that accidentally got in the way of a bomb ("collateral damage")...

    Links--to the main page, and to individual offerings. WITHOUT spin. It should be easy to work them into our own text.

    Banners--some graphics help liven up a page. 125x125s are good, some people like the squint-inducing 88x30s, and the standard 468x60 can have some use, too. All of them should use colors that won't clash with site backgrounds, and generally avoid being ugly. a customer I usually don't watch those, on the rare occasion that a site has them. It's very hard to see the details on 'em is hard even if I do bother looking (trying to see the product being demonstrated in what appears to be a 1 1/2-inch screen is usually an exercise in futility). Any videos would have to take the small viewing area into account, rather than just shrinking TV ads like I've seen others do.

    Audio--That gets annoying as Blazes! The first run isn't so bad, but if I navigate to the audio'd page more than once on a site visit (or worse, they stick it on every page), then it gets VERY old, fast.

    If it was set up so the audio would only autoplay ONCE (and only play again if the visitor intentionally clicked "replay"), then it might not have such an annoyance factor.

    Interviews: I don't care about 'em.
    Email content: I don't email ads, so it doesn't matter to me.
    Articles: Maybe a c*ntent lover would want 'em. Personally I'm more interested in good product descriptions--in datafeeds.

    My 2c.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leader
    "Ad Collateral" what the heck...
    OUCH! You got me there! I'm usualy the one slaping somone about using a crappy buzz word. I can't belive one came out of my "mouth".

    Quote Originally Posted by Leader
    Audio--That gets annoying as Blazes!
    Yeah, if it's audio, I'm thinking it would be the kind that you push a button to hear. I agree, those auto-plays are a guaranteed way to get me to run away from a website.


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