This past weekend I was down in Atlanta and since I never been to the Falcons store in the mall down there I decided to go to the malls both Lenox Mall and Peachtree Center Mall.

Being that I hate malls with a passion I decided to take this journey as a fact finding mission. I went and bought some stuff at Falcons 365 store and then got a soda and sat on a bench and watched what people were buying and what stores were empty and what not. It was around 1pm on a Saturday so the mall should have had some nice traffic. It was a good learning experience for sure as I can see and use this info. I can tell you that I talked to a few people in the stores and they told me they were only buying a few items in the stores and that most of their shopping was done online. I never told these people that I sold stuff online.

There was one place in the food court that was empty when I went into the Falcons store and there was a waiting line when I came out an hour later. I will be buying stock in that place asap.

I went to the Peachtree mall later in the day and the place was empty. I got some food and talked to the owner of the place and he told me that the traffic at the mall has been down since around 2000. The mall is more or less a lunchtime destination for people that work in the downtown area but it is nice to know that people are buying more stuff online.

I took a lot of pics of places for my travel site and some video that will probably emerge on a sports site. It just goes to show you that even though I was on a weekend break you can never escape affiliate marketing.

Now I have to find my camera Think I left it in Atlanta