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    Just saw an article at Yahoo about a study that found the DOJ had 775 weapons missing or stolen, and over 400 laptops unaccounted for, 218 of which the 'classification' was in doubt.

    Can anyone explain to me why, exactly, the U.S. government would be placing classified documents on laptops in the first place? that's just ignorant.

    I mean, what's next, they gonna pass out a pair of running shoes with each laptop so the thief can get a nice head start?


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    Maybe not running shoes, but maybe they will leave open an internet window with a airfare and hotel website with all of the credit card information filled in so they can go visit a nice country on their vacation escape. They better make sure they have their affiliate link up though so they can at least earn some commission.

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    Interned at DOJ during law school. I wouldn't worry too much about the classified information. They consider lots of things that aren't particularly confidential to be classified.

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    Classification inflation is rampant in government, everybody already knows an awful lot of what's considered classified.

    Gotta take the missing weapons with a grain of salt too - the article I read mentioned one of the missing weapons was stolen from an FBI agent's home.

    That's not missing, it's stolen. It wasn't a matter of carelessness (probably).

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