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    Manual approvals and rejections
    If I've been waiting a long time for a manual approval to a program, is there a way to withdraw my app and try again to try to get the merchant's attention? Also, do second applications to the same merchant who's already rejected me the first time get seen by them?

    Maybe it's something I did wrong with reapplying to this merchant that they have not approved/rejected me in the long time period after my second try (Note that I didn't just summarily reapply; I mailed the merchant via SAS' email system letting them know I was reapplying and why -- a tip I learned on ABW!). It's in "Pending" status and has been for many weeks, while the original rejection was within a couple days.

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    My program is on the LS network, but if I decline and app. they can't reapply for 2 weeks, so depending on your time frame maybe they can't see it. I'm not sure how SAS works. I review each site as well and sometimes affiliates submit their sites without even having them live. I don't approve sites that I can't review myself. I'm assuming this is not the case here. If they don't respond to your questions/comments after a week or so why would you want to work with them anyways?

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    Why not just email the merchant with a note saying: 'hey, approve me, mutha****** '. You might need to work just a little on the wording, but you get my point.

    Looking through my own SaS account, I see that I have one merchant that has had me 'pending' approval for nearly 3 years now.

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    When I have to decline someone, they can reapply and I will look at their site again but usually if I see the same things that caused me to deny them, I will simply just deny them and depending on the reason, I might auto decline them.

    Our program is on CJ though.

    I would strongly reccomend writing to the AM and ask him/her why they declined you and if you want to go further ask what you can do to get approved. If it takes the AM weeks to get back to you, look for their competitors. Maybe a competitor will take the time to review your app quickly and then you have also just begun building a relationship with someone who will be in communications with you to help you out, instead of someone who will let you wait for weeks.

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    I agree, just contact the merchant again. If it takes them many weeks to look at your application, do you really want to work them? If you get in and have a question or problem later, will they bother to reply? Unless they have the products you absolutely must have, you may want to find a merchant who actively works their program.
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    As a merchant, I will actually contact all pending affiliates every 6 weeks or so. Being in Lead Generation, fraud is a big deal, so we have to be more careful of whom we accept.

    That being said, if the merchant would get off their lazy arse and actually contact the affiliates every so often, the affiliates would not even have to worry about it
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    Hey SpaceDoggie,

    Have you tried visiting the merchant site to find a phone number or alternate contact info (i..e email addy) for them so you can be sure to contact a live body directly?

    Could be a merchant who does not have a dedicated rep running the affiliate show unfortunately (though don't know which merchant you mean).

    I bet if you can actually get a live body on the phone they'd be glad to approve you.

    And if they don't oh well - their loss, our gain! LOL At least you'll have more time to spend on your EN promotions...

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    Ditto the suggestions that you CALL the merchant. You'll get it solved a lot quicker.

    Good luck - Alan
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    As everybody mentioned, email or just call the merchant. Some let applications sit there for months before it gets approvedl

    Quote Originally Posted by SpinLife1
    My program is on the LS network, but if I decline and app. they can't reapply for 2 weeks, so depending on your time frame maybe they can't see it.
    As for LS, I am sure that is it is 4 weeks or a month before you can reapply as opposed to 2 weeks.

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