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    20 --- a cheat
    have a lot of traffic for this merchant but see that my conversions are very a bit of checking and notice that they have a VERY prominent chat and phone number listed.

    decided to see if they bother to compensate their affiliates for orders placed over chat and phone.....and well...Mauro you have some explaining to do..


    Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    You are now chatting with 'Daniel'
    sur: Hi Daniel
    Daniel: Welcome to
    Daniel: How may I assist you?
    sur: where are you located?
    Daniel: we are located in Batavia , New York
    sur: anyways i want to order the ove glove
    Daniel: May I have the shipping address where you wish to ship
    sur: ok before that do you want the affiliate id who has referred me?
    Daniel: that's ok
    Daniel: you want the ove glove for 19.99 9-100028
    sur: Daniel I am an affiliate testing your are supposed to get that information so I am compensated

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    did Daniel have much further to add? like, was he on commission?

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    Did he mean that it's ok that you gave it to him?

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