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    Axill SubID tracking?

    I was wondering if anybody knows the proper procedure for using the SubId tracking method at Axill. I have emailed them several times and keep getting a different answer. I was wondering if anyone here has had any success with them?
    There links are always different and I do not know how to break them down.
    Any help would be appreciated! Thank you,

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    I had 'experience' with Axill.I was promoting their offers and sent them a good chunk of traffic .The only offer i was credited for was globe7.
    I contacted them about tracking issues they assured me everything worked fine.That was it.
    Axill run by dude from India .They leaching MB for their banners,I think they redirecting traffic to MB as well.
    How to use their SubID? You will see "x" at the end of the link.Everything after X is your SubID.
    If i was you I would move on to something better.


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