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    How to figure out (for a converted sale) when the click occurred?
    So I could have asked this in the couturecandy heated thread in this forum, but I figured I'd split it off and ask separately so as not to distract from the fun over there.

    Kimberly mentioned thusly:

    Quote Originally Posted by Kimberly
    ...Open your transaction report as Excel and take a look at the Click_Date column [edited to remove name calling ].

    Here's mine for December 18th:


    2-Dec-2006 08:49 PST
    14-Dec-2006 04:12 PST
    Which exact CJ transaction reports have this Click_Date info and in what format will you have to download it? There are several CJ reports that one can download but I didn't realize any of them might have this really cool tidbit in them.

    Also, is there an equivalent way to find this out on SAS and LS? At least in the case of SAS, the only way I know of to download a .csv report does not seem to have this sort of clicked date information so I'm guessing it isn't available.

    Thanks guys for any info you might have. I would love to see how many of my sales are "immediate" and how many are delayed sales bought say, days or weeks later through the cookie.

    EDIT: I just looked through basic transaction detail, i.e. the "Detail" link on the far right of "Commission Detail" transaction lines (not the downloaded kind), and the only date info there is "event date" and "posting date". No click date. So from that I take it you MUST download certain types of reports to see this info and can't see it in the web interface.
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    You can't see it anywhere in the CJ interface (that I know of). You have to download the transaction report, and the click date is in a column there. I don't know why they don't just add it to the Detail popup.

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    Thanks MC. I figured out how to bring up the Excel transaction reports. Cool stuff, this Click_Date information. It really gives some great insight as to how long people wait before making a purchase after they hit my ads. Too bad SAS doesn't have this info available. Some of my merchants (especially the lead-based ones) have almost all immediate transactions, while one of the sale-based merchants has at least 50% that wait more than 1 day to purchase. Up to 5 weeks in the reports I've looked at so far.

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    In case anyone is wondering how to find the downloadable reports, there's a link on the bottom right of each report that lets you select the format and a "Submit" button to download it.

    The report that contains the click date can be found by clicking the following links:

    1. Run Reports (tab at top of page next to Home, Account, Get Links)
    2. Report Options (light blue link with a down-arrow)
    3. Select "Transaction Detail" from the Select Report Type dropdown
    4. Select a time period (defaults to Today, but you can select the entire month, or a previous month)
    5. Click "Generate Report"
    6. Look for the "Download Report In.." links on the bottom right.

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