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    <1> is it possible to get the payout if the CTR is very high, say 50%?....e.g. 100 impressions, 50 clicks, 25 sales.....although i know it is abnormal.....if not....then what ratio of CTR or "ratio of impressions to clicks" should my site have?

    <2>After generate some traffic, say 400 impressions, some 20 clicks, can i then signup that program by myself once to get the money?[for example a program pays $60 per sale(that sale is a casino of $buy25 get $25)] it i can get that $60 and on the other side enjoy that buy $25 get $25?....and then i do the same in other programs....each time i become a customer in each program once......

    is the method above feasible?....only 1 sale from those traffic in each program.....can you give me more advice???


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    I had a hard time reading your questions.

    I don't think the number of impressions matters too much. Some sites run the links without tracking images and still get paid. These sites have no impressions, but a lot of click throughs. As for buying from yourself--that generally depends on the merchant. Some don't want you to do it, most think a sale is a sale.

    If you plan to use CJ as a tool to get a discount on goods. Well, you are wasting a lot of effort for little reward. Just use the links from a site you like. You will help pay their web development costs.

    If your plan is to sign up a bunch of fake customers to get a $60 bonus for each fake lead, and you are wondering how much fake traffic you need to generate to hide a fake lead...well, I hope the CJ fraud department read this thread.

    The message you wrote sounds like you are just trying to find a way to use the system, and really don't intend to promote or build web sites. If that is the case, then you are wasting everyone's time. Do something useful with your life instead.

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    Yep, maybe you want to have another go at phrasing the questions. They currently read as if you're trying to work out how to rip off the merchants. Which quite apart from the ethics of doing so, messes up the merchant/affiliate relationships for those of us who are serious about affiliate marketing.

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    You seem to be one of the "fertile" minds
    that look for the dark underbelly.
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    I actually think you could use affiliate marketing for more than just web sites. For example, if you are a realtor, you might use one fo the affiliate programs for mortgages. In that case, after selling a piece of land, you would you would go to your site and get the mortgage for the client. Likewise a used book dealer might use the BN program to order a book for a customer that is not in stock.

    These legitimate uses of affiliate programs would have virtually no impressions few clicks but a kick-ass conversion rate. The programs run on a cost plus basis would love this type of program. Programs depending on things like selling email addresses, or other advertising don't like the idea. I imagine it varies by merchant.

    As for my paranoid response...Well, I started answering the question...then, on rereading the message, realised that it was simply a formula for abusing a program--which simply is not cool.

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