Hi Brian,

Today, while I was browsing all the merchants that I have joined on SAS that have a datafeed, the only thing on my mind was to sort out those that are on auto-deposit, those that have a last updated date from at least 2006, those that are making me money, those that I have forgotten about, those that have approved me for direct FTP or not, and more important, those that I am thinking about dropping because their datafeed sucks.

I don't know when you added that new "Preview Datafeed" feature, but I like it. A few months ago I made something similar for my own use, so I can test any merchants with a datafeed that I have joined, on my HD before I waste my time with a crappy datafeed and making live product pages for them.

(It's funny, but today, someone that I showed the new "Preview Datafeed" feature, asked me if I had posted my "Preview Datafeed" template anywhere, because the one on SAS was similar to the one I created a few months ago for my own use.)

Brian, I want to say:

Thank you Brian for adding that new tool, I find that new "Preview Datafeed" feature can help some of the new (and me too) SAS affiliates make a preliminary decision on what merchant datafeed to work with first, or not to work at all.

But........... A BiG BUT........

While I get too excited about seeing the new "Preview Datafeed" feature while I was just looking at datafeed merchants that I have joined, I got a big disappointment later.

Brian, what's with the you can only see the "Preview Datafeed" feature from merchants that you have already joined?

While I can really be happy with that new tool the way it's, after I have made a similar tool all by myself to get the same results, I can't understand why we can't all see the same "Preview Datafeed" feature for merchants that we have not joined yet.

So in conclusion Brian,

How difficult it would be, to be able to see the "Preview Datafeed" feature from any SAS merchant with a datafeed, even before we join that merchant with a datafeed?

I think it would be a good idea to see how she look like, before we even get that horny because of her name, or because she was recommended by (whatever, or), someone we knew.

Brian, I hope that you don't tell me that, in order to met her parents, I have to marry that (B****) first, Ok?