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    I experimented with MyAP links to, but never had significant results. Just recently, I did some PPC testing and was disappointed by a zero conversion rate -- only to discover today that there WAS a large transaction on Dec. 15 that has not yet been processed. If that transaction had been reported during my test, I would probably have continued testing.

    When I look at their reports, I discovered that they process affiliate data (I pray just affiliate data, and not the orders themselves) only MANY WEEKS after the transaction occurs. Here are the four transactions reported during 2006:

    Sale Date / Status / Process Date / Sale Amount / Commission

    12/31/2005 Approved 2/20/2006 $137.98 $8.28

    2/5/2006 Approved 5/1/2006 $99.98 $6.00

    11/2/2006 Approved 12/22/2006 $44.99 $2.70

    12/15/2006 Pending 12/15/2006 $639.97 $38.40

    I can't imagine why any affiliate would continue to work with a merchant with such long delays in "approving" transactions.

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    Generally the processing of an affiliate transaction will remain in Pending for quite some time. This is to prevent false numbers that could be returned or canceled.

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