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    Connie brought up something in the Parasite forum i hope some people can take a look at. If you have AOL and use the AOL browser, are they stealing commissions? I went to my site thru the browser and clicked some links, what i found was:
    Best Buy seemed ok
    CCB Paris seemed ok
    but when i clicked on a Gap Link the AOL shopping browser popped up and framed If someone more experienced in these issues than myself can take a look, it would be appreciated.

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    That sounds really bad. I do not have AOL and I am glad I do not. However, a LOT of people use AOL. If AOL starts stealing commissions, the world will end for affiliates.

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    Don't count affiliates out so quick, most of 'em can get downright ornery about their destiny, lol.

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    Yeah. Specially when we're upset.

    Its not the hardest coding task on the planet to send a particular person with a particular browser to a special re-education page. Where they can be educated on the Evils of AOL or whoever happens to be the villain that day.

    I'm told AOL browsers are pretty slow and not much good anyway. So, if this is true it is not the end of the world. At worst its a slight nuisance we could have done without.


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    Was your affiliate ID number still in the url box after aol framed the site on aol's shopping channel. I know when I used to have aol there were certain merchants who had space on their shopping portal. Even if I typed in the URL directly the site would come up like that. It could be different now. Try going directly to the gap using aol browser and see what happens. I remember it used to annoy me because I would get all that other cr*p from the fram.

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    I'd like to continue this thread in the parasiteware forum, so I am closing this one.


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