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    Taking a Day Off Then Back At IT
    I'm going to take tomorrow off then go through and clean out holiday banners, etc. and get ready for round two of the holiday rush - after Christmas sales. Last year Jan. was fantastic. Hope I see the same thing this year.

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    that's good cos I hvae seen aff programs promoting father's day during the x'mas season

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    Quote Originally Posted by FairFieldGetaway-EricEwe
    that's good cos I hvae seen aff programs promoting father's day during the x'mas season
    Glad to see they're keeping their sites nice 'n fresh

    This is the reason I no longer mention specific holidays on my aff sites...
    There is no knowledge that is not power. ~Hemingway

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    I've been monitoring my valentine keyword searches since 12/20 and have been frustrated by the lack of product. so can't wait for merchants to refresh their stock, banners, and promotions. My website structure is set up so that I can easily target holidays. Makes me feel festive.

    My gardening products and plants are coming on strong. So I've been monitoring search activity in these areas as well.

    I truly do believe that this is a very addictive field. I know that I am supposed to be celebrating a holiday and not working today. BUT I really want to be working on my websites.

    I did go to a party last night and will cook a festive dinner today, but I'd really rather be working. sick, sick, sick.

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