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    Any good list of Leads ??
    there 1000's of products available in CJ, but i am confused, anyone can recommend best products and I am not confident about sales, but hope in leads, so anyone can give me some good lead products..

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    Welcome to the forum. While no one here is going to tell you the best merchants to partner with that they themselves do the best with (for obvious competitive reasons), I can tell you that if you are new to affiliate marketing you are making a good choice starting with lead-based merchant partners. In many cases, leads can have a better conversion rate than sales, if you choose carefully. Once you get good at converting with a few lead-based partners, branch out and pick some sales-based partners as well and diversify! Sales-based partners often have a much larger average commission per sale than lead-based, but in many cases are harder to convert. Try to set up several campaigns to see which work the best for you. If you're using PPC (pay-per-click advertising), watch your budget closely so you don't overspend too quickly.

    In CJ, I've found that by going to "Get Links" and typing "lead" (no quotes) in the Search Advertisers field and then hitting the "Find" button, you will get a list of the CJ merchants who have lead-based programs. Look under the "Sale" column in the results and those with lead-based programs will say Lead: $xx.00 USD. Also, some merchants (CJ calls them Advertisers for some reason) have a program that pays out for leads and for sales, both. Read through the details of any merchants in the search results that look good to you, and see which ones you think you can work with and promote effectively. Apply to them. Take a look at the EPC figures of each prospective merchant as a guideline, but keep in mind that does not tell the whole story. Some of the highest EPC merchants are in insanely competitive sectors so are very hard to get any traffic for. Try a smaller product niche that doesn't have a gazillion companies offering the same product or service.

    Good luck to you. Keep reading this forum, including searching older posts, for lots of other great free information whose value you can't even put a price on. Ask specific questions about affiliate techniques on this forum as you go along, if you can't find the information in searches. It's just not going to get you anywhere trying to ask which programs the profitable affiliates are making the most money on.

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    depends on your competitiveness.
    I know that banking, home loan and credit cards are pretty lucrative but very competitive. I know AMEX is on Linkshare.

    There is always the issue of how are you going to generate the traffic? Bad traffic and bad marketing = HIGH Fraud rate = Getting terminated (and not being paid). Find a sustainable source of good traffic and you should be able to prosper.

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    I'd also like to add that it may not be the best idea in the world to restrict just to CJ merchants, or perhaps those of any one network alone. There are some outstanding individuals here at ABW who are consistent and trusted members of our community, whose programs are run via another network, and who have quality programs with good payouts.

    I'm happy to be able to benefit from and partake of the advice given in this thread, because a site or two of mine, not so far to date monetized, would probably fare better with lead-based programs when further developed - so the advice is much appreciated.

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