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    1099 question for Ranae/LS Moderator
    Here's a question. I'm a US company, and almost all my commissions are in USD. A small but not insignificant part of my revenues are in Canadian Dollars. When I run a payment report, the Canadian and US dollar amounts get added up and display with a combined total, even though they're different currencies.

    Will LS 1099 me for only the USD commissions, will they do a currency conversion of some sort on the CAD and add it in (which is wrong unless you do the conversion at the time I deposited the check), or will they add in the CAD amounts as if they're USD and 1099 me for the total? (which would be absolutely wrong).

    I bring this up now, as I'd like to head off future problems before they happen.

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    How, in Synergy Analytics, do you run a Payment report that goes back any further than May?

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    I do not know the answer to your tax question. You should contact 1099 @ There are two ways to run reports in SnyergyAnalytics you can use the navigation at the top of the screen to select pre-defined time periods or if you are looking at Traditional Reports you will need to follow the promts for your date range. If you use the pre-defined time periods, be sure to select Go after each prompt for time, network and partner.


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    Hi Ranae,

    I can select the date range of 1/1/06 thru 12/31/06, click go, and have that work for the traditional reports. But for some reason my payment reports do not show me any payments prior to May 2006 no matter what I do, or more to the point, the date range selection seems to have no effect on the Payment Summary report.

    Is there something I'm missing? Thanks!

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    Looks like I hit the nail on the head with this one... I think I need some sort of fortune telling title now If only they'd listened to me back in December...


    Dear Linkshare Affiliate,

    We recently mailed a U.S. Form 1099 to you for the year 2006.
    Unfortunately, the amount in the form included some payments earned in the Canadian Network. Please disregard the previous form 1099 you may have received and use the revised one that is enclosed. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us at


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