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    Another Newbie Seeking Advice
    I need some insight into CJ, looks like this is the best place to ask. I have a website which covers amateur wrestling, I signed up about six months ago for CJ. In that time, I have had about 15-20 ads on my site. I selected the one ad which sold wrestling equipment and selected the rest based on a high EPC and/or they seemed to be something that would appeal to my target market. My site averages about 1,000-1,500 page loads a day. In the six months, I've made $36.84. My overall EPC is below $20. What is really shocking to me is that I have ZERO sales outside of the wrestling equipment ad (Worldwide Sport Supply). It seems almost impossible to me to have had 200,000 visits, and nearly 350 clicks on ads, and zero sales- but such is the case.

    You can fit what I know about Affiliate marketing into a thimble, but I have several theories:

    1. My website is simply not the "type" of site that does well with affiliate marketing, since people come to get information, not buy something.

    2. Perhaps my traffic is simply too low to do well with affiliate marketing- i.e. maybe you need to have a site which has like 20,000 page loads a day to see results.

    3. Perhaps I need to rotate and switch up my ads more rather than simply leave the same ones up all the time.

    Any thoughts or suggestions? My website is,
    I greatly appreciate any help.

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    I think you hit the nail on the head with your first observation of being an information site. Personally, I wouldn't expect to see ads for web hosting, casinos, and European hotels at a wrestling website, just my opinion. They just seem out of place. If I were to click them, its just out of curosity, not to buy something.

    Also, just sticking up banners without some good contextual info to accompany them usually doesn't work in the long run.

    Easy navigation and nice active forums though.

    Hope this helps,

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    Thanks very much for your insights....... what you are saying makes a lot of sense. Based on what you're saying It seems like the best route for me to go might be to get more wrestling equipment ads, such as via google adsense. Beyond that, I may have to look at paid ads for those in wrestling "niche" business I suppose?

    Ironically, the one ad I have done very well with on this page is the 888casino- it did very well last winter, but has netted a big goose-egg since April. Not sure why I go from 2-3 people per month signing up to none since.

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    if the visitors came for information and didn't click on an ad, maybe having some adsense ads would give them something to leave by.

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    have to agree with Joey.

    Remove the casino ads, etc.. Focus on wrestling cos if you are promoting wresting, your visitor would not click on hosting, loans, etc

    Main page is too crowded with ads + animated ads. Bring some value to your visitors and make it easy on their eyes. Too many animated ads are a distraction

    Articles page, once somebody click on it, you want to have the article appear and not scroll all the way down to see/read it .
    Throw links in there. Good way to generate sales.

    All the best

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    Thanks for the input. The thing is, the Casino Ad is really the only one that has made a significant amount of money thus far. I am only aware of three wrestling affiliate programs out there.......and I've signed up for all three. I guess I will have to go after more flat-rate ads......

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    Generally banner ads don't perform as well as text links, so if possible try working in text links. I'd try adsense and test some pages to see if it performs better than the AM bits. It might be a stretch, but you could try to pitch the equipment guys on a fixed price direct deal to show their banners on your site.

    From my experience, the best AM sites are those that position a specific niche product or service, can do the selling job on that site and clicks through to matching landing pages at the Merchant site that are designed for affiliate conversion.

    Try not to leave the selling to the Merchant, because he has no idea that your traffic is the wrestling demographic; however, since you know who the merchant is, you should be able to get the pitch right and let the Merchant close it out.

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    Ok I am really going to show my inexperience here.........but how would a text link work? Would I say something about the product and put a link in the forum for instance? Or do I literally just have the name of the company in a box in place of the banner (like google does)? I anticipate this may be a stupid question!

    I think the direct advertising route is the way to go until there are more wrestling companies going the affiliate route.

    What about Google Adsense competitors, such as Yahoo Publisher (and maybe MSN)? How do they stack up with Google Adsense? I am currently using Bidvertiser but they do not have anything wrestling-related, and right now my net earnings are a $0.00 after two weeks.

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