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    AJAX Shopping Cart for Affiliates
    Has anyone ever developed, seen or know of anything like this:

    An affiliate site which has a 'shopping cart', using AJAX to 'add items' to the shopping cart, but it adds them on the merchant's end... so when they finalyl decide to buy the items, or view the shopping cart, it takes them to the Merchant's site and the items are in the shopping cart at the merchant's end.

    I'm not sure how clear that is, so i'll try again:

    I have a site which uses only 1 merchant. I want my visitors to be able to add the items to a 'shopping cart'. When they then click through to 'buy' or 'view' their shopping cart, I want the Merchant's website to know which items they selected... I know this can be done with AJAX, but are there any merchants which have their sites set up to work like this (so that they can track the affiliate id, the session/cookie and the cart items) and let the affiliate load it (the cart) into a section of their page (i.e. using xml)?

    I'm looking for examples, so that I can show my merchant and help them implement it.

    Cheers for your help!

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    Take off eh?
    Mondera has setup a system using Oscommerce (php) which does this.
    You have a complete cart system, a semiautomatic system to update products, prices, etc and all the features of OSCommerce.
    If you search the mondera (AMWSO) forum you will be able to find the thread.
    Sorry, I don't know any other (ie AJAX) systems for this.
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    amazon does it very well..
    Did not know that chris - amwso has it.
    There is potential in the product but the thing is selling it to the merchants to give it out for free to aff

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    Quote Originally Posted by FairFieldGetaway-EricEwe
    There is potential in the product but the thing is selling it to the merchants to give it out for free to aff
    osCommerce is open source. I have a version in the works preloaded for my merchants, but need to work out the ability to reload the database with fresh data easily.
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    Amazon is the best example about it. I think thats going along with the tide

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