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    Confidence-Deleting Ad (Picture)!
    Somehow I don't think this email from VistaPrint will give people confidence in their new E-Z n00b Website Hosting!

    (Note that I did NOT have my email images set to "off"!)

    (Edit: Note 2: The only thing "photoshopped" is the censoring of my email addy and turning the file into a lower-filesize jpg. Just in case anyone wonders why that Photoshop tab is there...)

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    That's priceless... host with us.... we won't show anyone your images....
    Deborah Carney

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    Yeah, but think how much faster the pages will load .

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    Leader - LOL. I think you may be right!
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    trying to be walmart of the net

    vista print financial & banking in 2007?

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