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    Help, I am addicted!
    Ok, we got Guitar Hero 1 & 2 and a guitar controller for Christmas as a family gift from Santa.

    I am soooooooooo addicted to this game.

    I sat down yesterday to play a quick song or two at 4:00 pm....

    I forced myself to go to bed at 2:30 am!

    The only time I wasn't playing during that span was for potty breaks and to fill my coffee cup!

    I almost totally nailed "Carry On Wayward Son" without errors.

    My husband thinks it is funny as all get out. He came in from work yesterday and said "Ohhhhhhhh, I see who Santa bought that gift for." I off course told him "Shhhhhhhhhhh, you are gonna break my groove by distracting me!" *LOL*

    I woke up thinking about the dang thing and I am having to force myself to get some work done today before I pick up the guitar controller!!!

    Off to do some work so I can play!
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    You coming to the Summit so that I can do a consulting session with ya, Michelle?


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    My oldest son got one of those. He loves it! I'm just wondering how good he would be with a real guitar if he spent the amount of time working on it that he has on video games, etc.
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