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    On the positive side of things affecting the affiliate industry for small site owners come the following plus factors.

    Media focus on corporate greed and abuses has shown a spot light on spammers -their bandwidth network providers and hosting services. The results are many mass e-mail marketers and their Duperaffiliate agents are scrambling to find new pipelines since Worldcom/UUNET -Global Crossing- Digex -XO and a slew of others bite the cash crunch bullet. Most all major ISP's have placed VOLUME FILTERS restricting all accounts to no more than 2500 e-mails a day. AOL MSN and HotMail trash 90% of all e-mails from even the opt-in marketers unless they pay a huge access fee. Even then AOL's white sheet Dupers get wacked and cannot guarantee clients delivery.

    The Feds and Attorney Genrals are all over the P2P wanks like KaZZaa -Morpheus for privacy abuses and copywrite thievery. Privacy laws with teeth to follow as the whole e-mail direct marketing industry gets exposed for violations and unwanted UCE messages. E-mail list brokers will suffer 80% loss in revenues as those lists become worthless beyond the double opt-in type. They can send them but most will never arrive!!

    The small site owners running small targeted e-mail campaigns and affiliate showcases will become a premium for advertisiers as the Duper Affiliates have their revenues and reach dry up. So as the likes of CNET lay off another 50% and close the infamous FREEBEE Download site for parasite plugins we should do better this christmas season. The merchants will have to start begging us to showcase them or get their own traffic.

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    I hope you are right, as I am looking forward to this holiday season coming up. Perhaps this will have some trickledown affect...

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    Mike, may we quote you? [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

    I hope this is the case, I am so sick of big corporations getting away with murder! Has anyone ever seen the movie "Head Office"? It stars Judge Reinhold, Danny Devito, Jane Seymour, Rick Moranis, and Eddie Albert.

    It's a comedy (obviously) about corporate greed and competing for the position of chairman. When I first saw it years ago, I thought how ridiculous the concept was. Now, I see it may have been more realistic than I thought.

    I do hope the small publishers become a hot commodity - if all the corporate shenanigans have anything good to come from them at all, it will be that people will once again want to know who they're doing business with.


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    The bulldog Attorney General of NY, who just opened up all the class action suits for the likes of Enron -Worldcom -Global Crossing and the analysts and their brokerage employers with the "Merrel Lynch" brokerage court case victory is hot on the UCE spammers and their infrastructure next. He already brought down spammer MonsterHut and the 100 million dollar fine for insider manulipilation of stock prices is just the tip of the iceburg. All testimony of the brokerage firm case gets spread to all class action suits on Corporate/IPO insider trading and stock price inflation pump-n-dump schemes.

    Once this guy drags into the open why our e-mail boxes are filled with junk mail and privacy info gets sold to any bidder ..things will lock in on who enables this scourage on consumers and net access customers. He wants 100% control over our e-mail box content back in the hands of the owners.

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